Light and Fire of Transformation

A weekend Yoga retreat of Celebration and Transformation

<div id="wrapper" class=""> <p> </p> <div class="fusion-row"> <section id="content"> <div id="post-0" class="post-0 page type-page status-draft hentry"> <div class="post-content"> <div id="tribe-events" class="" data-live_ajax="1" data-datepicker_format="8" data-category="" data-featured=""> <div id="tribe-events-content" class="tribe-events-single"> <div id="post-2504" class="post-2504 tribe_events type-tribe_events status-publish has-post-thumbnail hentry tribe_events_cat-yogaspace-yorkshire-event cat_yogaspace-yorkshire-event"> <div class="tribe-events-single-event-description tribe-events-content entry-content description"> <h2 data-fontsize="18" data-lineheight="27">JOIN <strong>Ashley Jones</strong> at <strong>YogaSpace Yorkshire</strong>  for</h2> <h4 data-fontsize="16" data-lineheight="24">A WEEKEND YOGA RETREAT OF CELEBRATION AND TRANSFORMATION.</h4> <h4 class="mt-2" data-fontsize="16" data-lineheight="24">Kundalini Yoga – Yoga Nidra – Gong Baths – Fire Rituals – Hot Tubs – And Much More!</h4> <p> </p> <p>While nature awakens and winter’s receptivity gives way to an urge to move forward into spring’s energy of rebirth, we too can take our cue from nature and ask ourselves where do we hold the urge to move forward to?</p> <p>What dreams lie as seeds in the warming earth of our hearts and minds? This is a time to invoke ones spirit to the wheels of change and fan the flames of transformation. Let the returning light shine on your seeds and dreams for the year ahead.</p> <p>The weekend falls on the weekend when ancestrally the Celts celebrated <strong>Imbolic</strong>, half way between the winter solstice and spring equinox it was celebrated as a time of new beginnings, a time for initiation and healing, invoking the life force and working with the dynamics of potency.</p> <p>During the weekend you’ll learn to harness the power of mind and body to access inner energy reserves to make dreams a reality. Igniting the will within, and the mental habits needed to excel, prosper and transform.</p> <p>Success does not happen by chance, it happens as a result of our intention, our efforts and how consistently we work towards our goals.</p> <p>We’ll work with the alchemical tools of transformation that are inherent in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and you’ll be prepared you to take a walk through your own alchemical process that will (weather permitting) culminate with a fire / firewalk ceremony.</p> <p><strong>Schedule:</strong></p> <p>Arrive by 4pm Friday Jan 31st 2020 at the latest</p> <p>4pm Tea and cake meet and greet, get settled in and relax.</p> <p>6pm Yoga session</p> <p>7:30pm Evening Meal followed by free time to rest, socialise or relax on the sofa by the fire.</p> <p>Sat Feb 1st Imbolc</p> <p>9am Yoga session</p> <p>11:30am Hearty Brunch</p> <p>4pm yoga session</p> <p>6pm Supper</p> <p>7:30pm Fire Ceremony</p> <p>Sunday Feb 2nd</p> <p>9am Final Yoga Session</p> <p>11:30 Hearty Brunch</p> <p>Leave by 3pm with time to enjoy the house and grounds</p> </div> <div class="et_pb_row et_pb_row_7"> <div class="et_pb_column et_pb_column_4_4 et_pb_column_9 et_pb_css_mix_blend_mode_passthrough et-last-child"> <div class="et_pb_module et_pb_text et_pb_text_4 et_pb_bg_layout_light et_pb_text_align_center"> <div class="et_pb_text_inner"> <p>A yoga retreat is just that, a retreat and so the invitation is that you do as little or as much as you feel is right for you. There will be plenty of down time to go for a swim in the heated pool, enjoy a Swedish hot tub set back in the woods, go for a country walk around the grounds and woodland or curl up in the drawing room by the fire and play a board game or read a book.</p> <p>The Venue is a slice of paradise in the beautiful North Yorkshire Dales. Charles and Emma are fabulous hosts and welcome us to Patrick Brompton Hall; a grade II* listed house with stunning yoga studio. It also hosts a heated indoor pool, Swedish hot tub, idyllic grounds, stately drawing rooms with a fireplace and private gardens to explore/rest and relax in.</p> </div> </div> <div class="et_pb_module et_pb_text et_pb_text_5 et_pb_bg_layout_light et_pb_text_align_center"> <div class="et_pb_text_inner"> <p><strong>Retreat also includes:</strong></p> <p>• Carefully crafted themed yoga sessions to harness the energy and intention of the weekend.<br /> • Manifestation and Meditation Rituals.<br /> • Sound Healing Gong Baths.<br /> • Deliciously nourishing & lovingly prepared food.<br /> • Beautifully unique luxury accommodation.<br /> • Use of all the grounds and facilities.</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="tribe-events-single-event-description tribe-events-content entry-content description"> <h4 data-fontsize="16" data-lineheight="24"><em><strong>Prices from : Sharing £365    Single £490</strong></em></h4> <p>Enquire: Charles – info@patrickbromptonhall.com</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </section> <aside id="sidebar" class="sidebar fusion-widget-area fusion-content-widget-area fusion-sidebar-right fusion-" role="complementary"> <div class="tribe-events-single-section tribe-events-event-meta primary tribe-clearfix"> <div class="tribe-events-meta-group tribe-events-meta-group-details"> <h4 class="tribe-events-single-section-title" data-fontsize="17" data-lineheight="25">Details</h4> <dl> <dt class="tribe-events-start-datetime-label">Start:</dt> <dd><abbr class="tribe-events-abbr tribe-events-start-datetime updated published dtstart" title="2020-01-31">31st January 2020 @ 3:30 pm</abbr></dd> <dt class="tribe-events-end-datetime-label">End:</dt> <dd><abbr class="tribe-events-abbr tribe-events-end-datetime dtend" title="2020-02-02">2nd February 2020 @ 2:30 pm</abbr></dd> <dt class="tribe-events-event-categories-label">For more information on the venue please visit our website</dt> <dt>www.patrickbromptonhall.com</dt> </dl> </div> <div class="tribe-events-meta-group tribe-events-meta-group-organizer"> <h4 class="tribe-events-single-section-title" data-fontsize="17" data-lineheight="25">Organisers</h4> <dl> <dd class="tribe-organizer">Ashley</dd> <dd class="tribe-organizer">Emma</dd> <dd>Charles</dd> </dl> </div> </div> <div class="tribe-events-single-section tribe-events-event-meta secondary tribe-clearfix"> <div class="tribe-events-meta-group tribe-events-meta-group-venue"> <h4 class="tribe-events-single-section-title" data-fontsize="17" data-lineheight="25">Venue</h4> <dl> <dd class="tribe-venue">Patrick Brompton Hall</dd> <dd class="tribe-venue-location"> <address class="tribe-events-address"> </address> </dd> </dl> </div> </div> </aside> </div> <p> </p> </div>

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