YogaSpace Yorkshire
at Patrick Brompton Hall

Retreats you can join at Patrick Brompton Hall are run by our yoga studio YogaSpace Yorkshire. If you are interested in joining a yoga retreat with Emma and the YSY team, you can book your place when you visit the YSY website. All the details of each retreat and the prices and dates are on the Events page.

Welcome to YogaSpace Yorkshire at Patrick Brompton Hall.

YogaSpace Yorkshire is the yoga studio attached to our retreat home, Patrick Brompton Hall. We mainly focus on teaching Kundalini yoga, yoga Nidra with Gong, Gong Baths, Breathwork, and workshops. Kundalini yoga classes with Emma take place every week and we follow the school term/holiday pattern.

If you are seeking a place to hold your residential retreat that holds authentic yoga energy and altars and shrines, incense, and equipment, and is not a space that is a conference or group meeting hall, what you seek is seeking you.

We have two beautiful studios; Ananda and Bhakti. We have all the yoga equipment that your retreat might need, although we encourage yoga students traveling by car, to bring their mats if possible to lay over our placeholder mat. Explore the dedicated website to find more details and pictures. Visit this website to join a Kundalini yoga retreat.

Patrick Brompton Hall

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